Student Testimonials


Luke Mahony – ‘The Sixth Form offers a range of support for all of my BTEC courses as well as so much advice for my personal statement. Also, this there is also a great sense of independence with private study and with such a great community and opportunities available such as being a part of the Student Leadership Team which gives students the opportunity to organise charitable events to raise money whilst having fun.’



Charlie Mallaband – ‘After being at the school since I started in Year 7 staying at the Sixth Form was the right choice for me. The community feel of the Sixth Form means that you are more than just a name on a register, everyone knows everyone – teachers and students included. When I started in Year 12 I was surprised at how the two years interacted together, the Year 13 were so supportive and were there to lend a hand or just for a chat and a cup of tea!  Additionally, the small supportive lesson style means that you are an individual in the classroom, the facilities are brilliant too! The private study periods allow independent study, in preparation for university and the rooms available mean there is a quiet study room to get work done, an ICT room with numerous computers and work rooms with laptops available where group work can be done. The Sixth Form Leadership Team (SLT) is also a fundamental part of Sixth Form where myself as Head Girl can work with the team organise events and better the Sixth Form assisting Mrs French, Mr Ayre and Mrs Gilbey. As well as study there are also many other aspects to Sixth Form life including charity fundraisers, quizzes, pumpkin carving, suit up and sports matches to get involved in! For me, it’s a no brainer, Sixth Form is the place to go!’


Fleur Langenegger – ‘I chose to come to Bideford College Sixth Form because of the smaller class sizes compared to other institutions, which really intrigued me. After coming to an open day and speaking with students and teachers I found that the small population of the Sixth Form has created a real community feel here; everyone knows each other and is willing to help each other. The student kitchen is also a huge plus; we can make as many coffees and pot noodles as we want! I also find that there is plenty of opportunities to take advantage of, for example, I am a member of the Student Leadership Team, I am Deputy Head Girl of Bideford College and I am also a student governor; there are also so many charity events that the Student Leadership Team organise and a bunch of other events too! I have really enjoyed my life here at Sixth Form! Everyone is so friendly and, since I came from Park Community School, I was welcomed with open arms with many friendly faces when I first joined.’


Beth Evans – ‘I love the Sixth Form. It’s a small communal, friendly environment and it is incredibly welcoming. As a student coming from another school at first I was a little apprehensive, but alongside the lovely environment and the small class sizes I was convinced. The Sixth Form is an amazing and positive environment to be in, everyone knows everyone and you aren’t just a student you’re a part of the community. They have given me so many opportunities that are unique to them, the communication between staff and students is excellent and the support is always there if you need it for any reason. I love it, with our shared spaces such as the kitchen and the common room it’s really homely. I really do adore the Sixth Form and I have never thought twice about going there compared to anywhere else. It’s the best!’


Megan Evans – ‘Being at Sixth Form is being in a close and supportive community, where everyone gets on and makes you feel welcome. I chose Bideford College because they offer one of my subjects, Textiles which nowhere else did, and we also do BTEC Business Studies rather than A Level which suits me better because of the course work element is something I prefer. I liked the atmosphere so much better than everywhere else and how small it is. Everyone is incredibly friendly and despite being an external student from Great Torrington School, I’ve always felt welcome and a part of the Sixth Form community. I enjoy my subjects and my lessons; which are made interesting by my teachers, I also love all the other things we do from Suit Up Sixth Form to our Christmas celebrations. There are always things to be involved with from the SLT to all the things we do for charity. A Levels are considerably harder than GCSEs; however, having a supportive environment like that at Bideford College makes it a lot easier.’


Sam Hinson – ‘Being in Sixth Form feels like a community, it feels like a place where I can explore and be confident to make mistakes and improve from them. I chose to come here for many reasons, the fact I knew I would feel much more comfortable going through the stressful time of A Levels with teachers I knew and trusted, the amazing and modern facilities and the great extracurricular activities, such as the annual school productions, the school choirs, and many different house and Sixth Form competitions. The Sixth Form community is really helped by all of the events we have such as weekly quizzes, bake sales to raise money for charity and much more. I enjoy the feeling of safety and comfort I get at Bideford College; all the teachers and tutors are always so helpful and ready to listen, and I feel like I am treated much more as an individual here. Sixth Form is very different to being in Year 11, you have to be much more self-led and independent as well as there being a lot more discussion in classes. Although it came as quite a shock, I thoroughly enjoyed the independence given to me in Sixth Form as it allowed me to challenge myself and push myself to achieve the best that I can.’


Jack Thurlow – ‘Bideford College Sixth Form is a very welcoming place and has a strong sense of community and everyone supporters each other and there is always someone on hand to talk to for advice for any difficulties you may be having. The teachers are supportive and push us to achieve the best we can and the support with UCAS and the application process to university is second to none it is a place where I feel I can truly be myself and I would recommend Bideford College Sixth Form to anyone as a post 16 option.’


Jasmine Birch – ‘Being at Bideford College Sixth Form has provided me with great independence along with experience and support to help me with achieving my future goals. Due to the small class sizes and community feel at the Sixth Form, we gain plentiful support from teachers and other students to get the best out of our learning opportunity. The private study sessions and availability to study after college has really helped me focus and develop my learning, as we have many resources in the Kingsley Sixth Form Centre which I find extremely helpful. In addition, the SLT allow us to get involved in activities that assist us with our interaction and communication skills, as well as allowing us to take a break from studying, such as quizzes and extra-curricular activities. A Level studies may be significantly harder than previous years, but the support and guidance that this Sixth Form gives, makes it a valuable and exciting experience that will further my education and career.’


Olivia Tait – ‘Being part of Bideford College Sixth Form is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made it has a friendly community, committed teachers and we do have a lot of fun. I choose to come to Sixth Form because it’s a nicer environment that suited me better rather than anywhere else. It has a close and supportive community. Sixth Form is a place where I feel I can be myself and have fun but also work to the best of my ability. In Sixth Form you also form better working relationships with teachers because of your interest in the subjects. There are many things I enjoy about Sixth Form one being the close community you can always rely on someone to help you if you need it, we work hard but we also have fun like Christmas quiz’s and jumper days and suit up for Sixth Form for charities. I’d say it’s different to being in Year 11 because you choose the subjects your passionate about meaning your more interested and get a better knowledge of the subjects.’


Georgia Rivers – ‘I decided to come to Bideford College Sixth Form for many reasons. One of these being the close community aspect when I looked around at an open evening. Due to the Sixth Form being rather close-knit and small, it had a nice community feeling which definitely appealed to me. Coming from Park Community School in Barnstaple, I was quite nervous about starting at Bideford as I didn’t know many people but everyone was so friendly and welcoming and I found it really easy to make new friends! The staff also provide vital support with UCAS and careers advice which I highly value. I also really liked the look of the more structured timetable – which includes private study periods which I believe help and direct my learning. Furthermore, I study A Level Drama which wasn’t an option anywhere else! Being part of a school Sixth Form, it has given me opportunities to take on roles of responsibility as a member of the Student Leadership Team and as a House Leader. During my time so far, I have had opportunities to organise events such as the Year 7 disco, Sixth Form Open Mic Night and many other fundraisers! I have really enjoyed my time at Bideford College so far and I recommend anyone considering Bideford as one of their options to definitely apply!’


Lydia Bray-Smith – ‘I enjoy being part of Bideford College Sixth Form because it is a caring community where everyone gets involved and supports each other, not only academically but also with all the fun extra activities we do!’


Josie Blake – ‘Being in Sixth Form is a completely different environment to Year 11 as there is much more freedom, but at the same time more responsibility and independence.’


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